11:11 - Be Elevated

It is today’s date, but also so much more. It is a master number that enlightens and elevates us.

Today a portal opens up, and the energies that are coming thru will propel us to look within ourselves and move towards fulfilling our destiny.

This is a message that comes to us once a year, but also every time we happen to look at the clock and see 11:11.

Today is everywhere, so pay full attention.

It is time for change.

Write a list of 11 things you seek, or you wish cut from your life.

Write where you wish to be, and write where you have been and want to be no more.

The number will be uneven, and is ok, we are always uneven, some days are lighter , others darkness will last a bit longer.

But at the end if you concentrate on your intention, the light will prevail.

As we near 11:11 pm light up an small white candle and make an small offering in a plate.. 11 coins, a bit of rice, a bit of honey, and a bit of water.


Let the candle burn while visualizing the universal light descending upon you and propelling you towards your destiny.ph

Tomorrow spend the 11 coins and throw the rest away.

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