Evil Eye - Is it Affecting You?

Evil Eye - Is it Affecting You?

Today a house burned down. Yesterday someone fell from a ladder and broke several bones.

Two days before it was an unsuspected diagnosis.

What do all these misfortunes have in common?

The evil eye.

The first person had just received a raise.

The second had just gotten engaged to a “catch “

The third just released a record.

During the reading the shadow of the evil eye, of the active and intentional curse was evident.

In this world of mindfulness, yoga, neuroscience, talking about the evil eye, black magic, or spells might seem outdated.

Don't we now align the chakras? We do not claim our ancestral DNA? Do we not constellate our traumas?

Yes, but evil is evil and tomorrow, yesterday and today envy existed, exists and will exist.

If you feel that what is happening is not normal.

If you feel like something or someone is blocking your path, do this first:

Take sage or palo santo and cleanse yourselves from head to toe with the smoke, pass it all over your body three times.

Then take a bath with rue leaves, white vinegar and holy water.

And if the unusual does not stop. If problems become routine, if life gets out of hand, go back to the source.

Call, write, send a text and we will fight fire with fire.

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