Guaranteed Way To Break Toxic Sexual Bonds, Fast!

Guaranteed Way To Break Toxic Sexual Bonds, Fast!

Did you know that every sexual encounter, from a stable relationship to a one night stand, leaves an energy trail?

In every sexual act there is a transfer of energy, we all receive and leave a small part of our vital energy.

When there is harmony in that encounter, when the relationship is positive, it nourishes us, it adds , but when it is negative it takes away from us, it feeds from us and above all, it can keep us tied to a toxic harmful past and leave us unable to move on.

So we need to cut those ties, those energy knots, especially when the breakup was violent or toxic.

The first step is to cleanse our aura.

We will light incense or palo santo and we will cleanse ourselves with the smoke from head to toe, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet.

Then we take two candles, one white, which will be our avatar , and the other must be black, purple or red.

You will write the name of your ex partner in red, purple or black candle. You can use a pencil, a pen, or a pin. It doesn't matter if it doesn't show well.

One name per candle, one person per ritual. If you need to break the energy of several sexual partners, you have to do a ritual for each person.

Then we will tie strings from one candle to another, symbolizing the sexual bonds, those strands , those ties, those knots that need to be broken. You can put one string or several, follow your intuition.

We call on Archangel Saint Michael to cut all ties, to break every strand of negative sexual energy that keeps us tied to this dead love.

And we light the candles.

As the candles begin to burn, the cords burn, and those energetic sexual ties will be broken forever.

Once every string, every knot is broken, we are free.

Let the candles burn until the end, so there is nothing left.

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