Jump! Open Your Paths to Success!

Jump! Open Your Paths to Success!

Today is Tuesday, the day to jump, to go for it, to fight the good fight! Open your paths to success!

Tuesday is red, it's Mars, it's war, in a good way , warrior like, victorious.

When the ancient Romans created the calendar that we use today they named Tuesday and the

month of march after Mars, the God of War. Because of the energies that ruled that weekly and

yearly cycle, and they felt this deity was so strong, had such impact in our lives that originally in

the Julian calendar the year began in March.

So lets do like the Romans, lets Jump on Tuesday! This spell can be done any tuesday, and every day in march.

Today we are going to go for it, and to do that, we are going to break any negative energy that

stands in our path and blocks our way.

Today’s spell:

We are going to pick up a stick from the ground , a little branch. It has to be from the ground. Place a picture of yourself on a white plate, and over it place the branch.

We will light up a red candle, and for this spell I will like it to be long, and visualize anything that we feel is blocking our success.

It can be a person, a situation, our thoughts, our fears. Look outside and look inside.

When you finish, take the stick, wield it like a sword, and literally stab the flame with its tip.

Let it burn, while in your mind you are compelling the God of War to fight for you, to destroy everything negative that touches your life.

Let it burn on the plate for as long as the flame lasts, it can be seconds, minutes, the energies rule the time of burning.

When the fire is out break or cut the stick in seven pieces ,throw them away and go and conquer the world. This is the best magical spell!

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