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We are entering the most productive time of the year, where the harvest turns into money. We have to take advantage of these bountiful energies, and one way to do it is to purge what no longer serves us… It is time to clean, break, eliminate.
We have to cleanse our shadows. The ancient Egyptians knew the shadow as the sheut, and considered it a spiritual entity that contained essential parts of the human personality.


Today, we want to keep the positive parts and let go of the negatives.
Everything that we have been dragging, everything that has clung to us and forces us to walk slower.
And the longer they've been with us, the longer those shadows are.
Today we have to face them, accept their existence - and let them go. We have to lighten our load to walk fast and carry only what nourishes us.
We have to cut out of our aura useless beliefs, words, decisions, fears, feelings and actions.
Today's spell.
This cleansing ritual can be done inside the house or outdoors, but always where we see our shadow reflected on the ground, since we are going to work on the shadow.
The first step is to light a white candle, and looking deep inside ourselves, start a list of what we want to purge-sorrows, betrayals, doubts, fears, envy, guilt.
Once we have the complete list, we will kneel down and with the list in hand, stretching out our arms, lengthening the shadow as much as possible.
Slowly we will take the list to the heart of the shadow, and there we will leave it.
Next, with incense or sage we will first clean our body, then the shadow, three times.
During the cleansing we will pray to Saint Michael the Archangel so that he eliminates everything that is negative that clings to us , so that our shadow is clean and protected and only carry that baggage that adds, not subtracts.
Then we will take cascarilla or ground up eggshell and spread it all over the shadow and will burn the list in the candle.
We will wait 15 minutes before sweeping the egg shells and throwing it out of the house.
Do you want to cleanse your shadow, your aura and open your paths? Do you need cleaning that breaks with the past, and frees you from generational curses , of evil eye, of envy?
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