Reliable Energetic Solutions You Need To Avoid a Job Loss Now!

Reliable Energetic Solutions You Need To Avoid a Job Loss Now!


It seems that ‘crisis’ is the ghost of modern times, and now we are engulfed in an economic crisis with worldwide repercussions and potential to suffer massive job losses.

In my many years of experience I see have seen time after time how an economic crisis can truly shake the foundations of our lives. More marriages collapse due to money problems, than to infidelity.

When someone is a victim of dark magic, the first thing that takes a hit is their finances. Why? So they can’t ask for help.

The universe created the wealth of the world to serve man, we are meant to be prosperous and bountiful. What does bountiful means? It means to have more than what we need. We are meant to share, not to have to hoard, to scrimp.

But now jobs are in peril, entire industries are shrinking due to supply chain problems, lack of workers… or lack of clients.

So you need to act NOW, before your position is made redundant. Before your client base shrinks. Before someone else takes your place in your job, before someone else replaces your life.

Today’s spell

Protect your job or livelihood from any crisis.

You need 7 drops of holy water. You can buy it at a church or take it from the pile. If you take it you must leave a donation in the poor box, any amount.

In a plate you will put the 7 drops, and with a basil leaf you will stir them 7 times clockwise, while asking the archangel Saint Michael to become the sword that cuts out any danger.

Now you need to seal this spell.

Take the basil leaf and leave it in the ground away from your house, so nature can destroy it.

More Powerful Solution

If after doing this spell, you feel you need something stronger, I would then recommend a session on one of Quantum Radionic Machines.

This machine blasts your intention at the exact frequency to the Universe and greatly increases the probability of you manifesting your

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