Sun Worshipers, Harness The Amazing Power Of The Sun!

Sun Worshipers, Harness The Amazing Power Of The Sun!

The summer energies are all about balance , power and prosperity. Now is the time to receive the bounties of the Sun God, the yang, the masculine energy, the wealth of the universe. We need to be ready to absorb its energy of prosperity, of abundance.

For thousands of years the Sun Worshipers understood the power that came down after the Summer Equinox. They knew that a portal opened up and how to use to channel wealth and power. Lets become Sun Worshipers again and open our lives to the bounty!

Today’s spell

You will need a yellow or gold candle, no substitutions. On the candle you will write your name, last name and date of birth in one side, and the words “power, wealth , riches” in the other.

You can do it with your nail, with a pencil, with something sharp. Do not worry if you can’t see the writing well, all you care is that is there. Start writing from the bottom part of the candle towards the wick.

Right at noon place the candle in between your hands, raise them towards the sun and let the candle absorb the sunlight. You can be sitting down or standing up, in a park, the beach or your back yard, you just have to have the sun in your face.

As this happens, visualize a portal opening up and a bright light coming down from the heavens that lights up that candle and energizes you, and your intentions. Visualize the words “ Power, Wealth and Riches “ as they light up in bright gold letters.

After 15 minutes, go back to your house and place the candle in a safe place where you can light it up and let it burn completely. As you light it, visualize what you want to accomplish and how, and visualize everything as it comes to completion. Then light up the candle and let it burn.

The best day to perform this ritual is Sunday, Sun-day, the day ruled by the Sun.

And if you want me to help you reach your goals in any aspect of your life, write to me , call me. I know what you need.

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