The Astral Visa - Learn How to Receive it

The Astral Visa - Learn How to Receive it

Every year millions of people leave their country, their home, their story, to start anew. Whether for economic or political reasons, they become strangers in a foreign land.

Some will succeed, for others the dream will remain just that - a dream. And the reason behind this failure may be because they never requested the Astral Entry Permit to live in that new country. The energy visa.

Each country has a vibration, a unique energy, and each country has a guardian, an ascended being that vibrates at the same frequency.

And just as we do not arrive at a strange house to visit without warning or with empty hands, when we bow before the guardian and ask for permission to enter and live in the country by making an offering, the doors open more easily and our new life flows.

Today's spell

It is never too late to harmonize our vibration with the guardian of the host country.

To do this ritual you have to go to the largest natural lake, or the largest or highest mountain in the state, county or region where you live or plan to settle.

The elementals of earth and water, emissaries of the Guardian, will accept the offering.

To the spirits of lake you have to offer what the water lacks: honey, flowers, rice and a feather.

For the elementals of the mountain, the offering should consist of a glass of water, cacao, flowers, and sage. You don't have to bury it, just leave it on the ground where no one steps on it easily.

We will ask for the entry permit, the blessing to live and be part of this host country.

Once the offering is delivered, we will be grateful for the path that brought us there, and we will leave the past behind.

We have to stop the longing, the comparisons, the pain of leaving, in order to feel that we belong to this new land.

We will take a twig and cut it into 7 pieces. When cutting each piece we will say, "I love you, thank you, let me go"... And we will say goodbye to our country of origin or the country we left without pain, without rancor, without ties that bind.

It doesn't matter if we arrived 1 year ago or 15 years ago, if we entered with or without a visa, the Astral Entry Permit is a privilege that the universe gives without restrictions.

Ask for it.

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