Everything in the universe is governed by mathematics, numbers are living forces that transmit energies and affect all aspects of our lives.

According to numerology, we are all governed by a number, which like the signs of the horoscope, impart on us specific characteristics.

Knowing our life path number allows us to understand our destiny and above all, gives us tools to enhance the gifts and better overcome the challenges.

What's your Number? Our date of birth determines which number marks our destiny. The sum of the digits, taken down to a single digit will give a number, from 1 to 9.

Add the day, month, and year.

For example, if you were born on March 9, 1991.



Your life path number is 5.

August 7, 1998?

7+8+1+9+9+8= 42


Your life path number is 6.

These are the traits and characteristics of each number, along with the challenges.


The number 1 is ruled by the sun and people born under the #1 are the leaders par excellence. 1 means agile of mind and word.

The #1 is linked to beginnings and whoever is governed by the #1 is a born entrepreneur.

The challenge: To not become tyrannical.


The number two is ruled by the moon, and people that are born under the #2 emanate empathy

The #2 people are destined to be volunteers, diplomats, mediators. Also will make excellent traders as they master communication and psychology.

The challenge: They risk giving too much and forget their own needs.


To be a number #3 person means creativity without barriers. Ruled by Jupiter, those born under the number 3 are artistic, communicative, cheerful. They were born to be a star and make great public speakers.

The Challenge: Like everyone who seeks the spotlight, they can be vain and hypocritical.


Those born under the number 4 have their feet firmly planted on the ground. Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, they are solid like the homestead they cherish , love structure, and are intense loyal.

The Challenge: They are so straight they are square, rigid, and tend to lack emotion .


Life is a party. Those born under the number 5 are a pin ball, they jump from side to side.

Ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the gods, they are travelers, partygoers, #5 is fun, risky.

They make the perfect travel companions as they adapt well to every situation.

The Challenge :To make sure that things don't get out of hand, life can't always be a party.


Those born under the number 6 are the guardians, the ones who take care of the house, the home, the family, the jobs.

Ruled by Venus the goddess of Love, #6 needs to belong and take care of the tribe.

Their instinct is to protect, to embrace.

The Challenge: they can become obsessive and play the role of the eternal victims.


7 is the number of intuition, analysis, intelligence , spirituality and wisdom.

Ruled by Neptune, the men and women born under the 7 are ancient spirits.

Challenge: Out of their perceived spiritual superiority they can be rigid and judgmental.


Those born under the # 8 are business leaders, great merchants.

Ruled by Saturn, 8 is the number of money and success. 8 is the power number.

Challenges; To balance and temper ambition so as not to fall into greed.


Master number. Those born under the # 9 arrive with lessons to learn and teach. Ruled by Neptune and Pluto, they seek to embrace humanity, their tribe goes beyond close family.

Challenges: They can fall into messianic arrogance.

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