When Life Gives you Lemons…Learn the Revenge Code

When Life Gives you Lemons…Learn the Revenge Code

When life gives you lemons

Get revenge.

Yes, I know we should make lemonade, and that will come later, but first they need to learn a lesson.

Today I am going to teach you to get even, to return the ball back into the court of the person that hit you first.

It works for any treason, any shady act.

  • Love

  • Business

  • Friendship.

Get even.

Today’s spell:

You need a picture of the person that wronged you. This is a very personal and targeted spell. One person per spell.

In the picture you will write the person’s name, last name, and what he/she did to you.

You can write: "took my boyfriend”, “stole my client”, “spoke bad about me to the boss”.

Make it clear and concise.

This is what happened and why I am seeking revenge.

State your intention: I want that person to suffer just as I did.

In a plate you are going to place their picture trapped in between to magnets . Is best if you print the photo in paper.

Over the picture you need to place a cube or ball of Camphor, you can also use essential oil, in that case you pour 7 drops.

Along with the oil you need to add Agrimony, be it in an extract or herb. If you use the extract, 7 drops as well.

Then take a long white candle and write the Numerical Revenge Code 5948560 , from the wick down to the bottom. You can use your nail,

a pencil, or anything sharp. It does not matter if the numbers are not very visible, all it matters is that they are there.

Now we divide the candle in 7 parts by making a line across the candle. Why?

Because every day for seven days we will light up the candle and let it burn just one portion, we want the candle to be consumed in exactly 7 days.

Each day while it burns we will repeat the Revenge Code 5948560 , out loud, 45 times, as 45 is the number for manifestation.

As we are reaching the next line in the candle we tear up or cut a piece of the picture of the person that wrong us and burn it in the flame.

After it burns we snuff or pinch out the candle.

We do the same thing for 7 days, we light up the candle, repeat the Revenge Code, and burn a piece of the photo.

The last day we remove the magnets and let the picture burn completely, After it burns and the candle is consumed, after the flame dies out, we throw everything away , the plate, the melted wax and the magnets.

Do not worry if the picture is not torn out evenly, just torn or cut a take a piece of it every day for 7 days and the last day burn what is left over.

If you want to learn more about revenge click here.

And if you want me to enact a revenge spell for you, call me, write to me. I know how to help

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