Halloween is almost upon us, the day of the witches. But be aware that what will be taking to the streets on October 31 are not witches, but spirits, souls , ghost, ethereal beings.
And not all are good.
Halloween today is an extravaganza of mounds of candy and little children dressed as superheroes.
But in ancient times, when shamans and healers were the keepers of time, when Hallmark and Party City did not exist, October 31 was Shamhain, the day that the souls of the ancestors visited the earth to be honored and remembered.
But those ancient sages understood that not every spirit that crosses the veil that separates both planes is Casper the friendly ghost. They understood that yes, many souls will come to bring love , comfort and enlightenment, to touch their descendants even for a moment.
But they also knew that there are many wandering souls in transition, who may not be resigned to stop enjoying all earthly pleasures. Those souls are the danger we face every Halloween.


How to protect ourselves from opportunistic or obsessive spirits that want to stay in our homes, or attach themselves to our auras?
Here are some tips:
On October 31 we have to leave all the lights on.
Darkness is the ally of thieves, but also of soul thieves. A dark house is a magnet for a dark soul.
We must give candy to everyone who knocks on our door, since the good vibes that this simple act generates creates a protective barrier.
And we must always remember and honor our ancestors, those people who loved us in life and today are our spiritual warriors.
On Halloween we must put the photos of our departed relatives near the front door and honor them with offerings of flowers, candles and a beautiful cup full of water.

We can also increase the protective energy of our guardians with crystals such as selenite or quartz.
So on November 1st, we can honor our familial chain knowing that all the bad things…passed us by.
If you are having these or any type of issues, contact me. I can help.

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