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Amulet for Infinite Love

Amulet for Infinite Love

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Become your loved one’s one and only obsession.

This amulets is consecrated by the famous medium, Zitmy Garcia, at the foot of the Goddess of Love, the mistress of all rivers, the goddess of sensuality.

It maintains the positive vibrations in between you and your love. 

Love is a delicate alchemy of energies, and this amulet will keep it in balance.  

Whoever holds this amulets holds the key to infinite love.

Once you receive the amulet you will dab a few drops of your favorite perfume or after shave, and sleep with it under your pillow for five nights.

After that, it will have recorded your astral DNA and it will work only for you. 

Order below and we will e mail you with the details I need to consecrate it. 

Design of Amulet and color of bag may vary. 

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