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Horseshoe for Positive Energies

Horseshoe for Positive Energies

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Since ancient times, horseshoes and the anvil where it was forged were considered sacred talismans, to the point of being gifted during weddings, home purchases and in all situations where luck and protection are desired.

Sponsored by the deity that opens and closes roads, the horseshoe brings good omens  to those who welcome her into her abode, just as she scares away negative energies.

The horseshoe can be found, bought or given to us as a gift, but it should never be stolen.

I consecrate the horseshoe to open the doors  to welcome the CHI or life force that  comes  thru the front door and bless  all that live there with positive energies, good vibrations and balance. . 

Each horseshoe is consecrated  to fulfill  its  mission in a specific destination, working with the energy of those who live there. 

It doesn't matter if you own the house, rent or live in a room, the horseshoe marks your sacred space and attracts the energies with the precision of a laser

When you receive it I will tell you how to hang it.

Order below and we will e mail you with the details I need to consecrate it for you. 

Sizes , colors and design of Horse shoe will vary depending of supply.

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