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Amulet for Luck in Gaming

Amulet for Luck in Gaming

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This is the amulet for luck, the talisman for games of chance. 

Luck is ephemeral, it arrives with the speed of the wind, it touches you for a second and then it fades. 

This amulet has been consecrated at the foot of the Goddess of Fortune by Zitmy.

This amulet is personal and non-transferable, no one but the owner should use it. 

You will receive the amulet, and the secret with which it was consecrated that comes  with the amulet should remain in the bag and should be with the person always, either in the purse or bag or pocket,. 

The amulet can be used as a key chain or kept in the bag as well.

 You will also receive incense, with which every 3  Thursdays  must anoint the amulet, to feed the energies.

Order below and we will e mail you with the details I need to consecrate it for you. 

Design of Amulet and color of bag may vary. 

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