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Separation Spell

Separation Spell

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You need someone out of your life, out of your relationship, out of the life of someone you love. 

You need them gone and you want them gone now. 

There is a third party, 

A person you love is in a toxic relationship.

Someone is blocking and preventing your happiness. 

It happens every day. 

A  predatory ex returns. 

Selfish family members meddle and sow discord for their own benefit. 

You know who they are, and Zitmy can banish them. 

No one gets hurt, but it happens, they leave you alone. 

They leave your partner alone.

The third party leaves, the threat stops. 

No guilt, no bad karma, no boomerang effect. 

Zitmy gets it done. 

The spell is  fast, strong and accurate. Each spell is an astral contract between the deity, or saint who is invoked, Zitmy the seer and the person or persons for whom the spell is done.

Order below and we will e mail you with the details needed for the spell. 

Each case receives follow-up from beginning to end.

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