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The Three Faces of Fortune

The Three Faces of Fortune

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"Dreams can still come true, you need a good deal of energy and determination and a little bit of luck”. Stefano Gabbana.  

So here I offer a way  to trap that little bit of good luck. 

The secret is in the Three Faces of Fortune: Fast Fortune brings us money, prosperity, Brief Fortune helps us in games of chance, and bad fortune is invoked in bad times, when doors are closed on us.

This statue of the Goddess of Fortune arrives consecrated by Zitmy to attract luck, prosperity and break spells of bad luck.

Along with the statue come three amulets consecrated by Zitmy and instructions on how to activate each face of Fortune.

Luck is not just for other people, you were not born “UNLUCKY”. 

Lear how to compel lady luck to touch you,  reward you or protect you.  

Order below and we will e mail you with the details I need to consecrate it for you. 

*Size and design of the statue may vary, as can size and shape of the stones and design,

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