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The Witches Turtle for Protection from Black Magic

The Witches Turtle for Protection from Black Magic

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This amulet repels witchcraft, dark arts, evil eye, negative energies, voodoo spells.

The Turtle is one of the most powerful animal Totems, one of the four guardians that protects body and soul from evil.

The shell is the sky, the belly Is mother earth.

The turtle protects from every danger that may come from above or below, creating a shield around us.

Consecrated by the sea by the famed medium, Zitmy Garcia , it comes with three sacred seashells, that hold the “secret” , and incense, needed to cleanse this powerful amulet every 3 days.

It is recommended for everyone, but especially for people that have been victims in the past of any sort of witchcraft of dark magic, and anyone that has their spiritual channels very open or feel vulnerable.

If you are going thru a divorce, infidelity, are experiencing economic difficulties , or are someone that frequently becomes the target of envy or jealousy, this amulet is for you.

You should always have the turtle and the shells with you, and they can also be placed under the bed, inside kids backpacks or under the cribs of babies.

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