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Tree of Life for Protection and Bounty

Tree of Life for Protection and Bounty

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The Tree of Life  is one of the most powerful talismans , since it comes consecrated to  bring the person that carries it bounty and protection  in all cycles and aspects of life… economy, love and health. 

It is a talisman than holds the energies of the Pacha Mama and the Sun God, and channels all the positive energies that the creator intended us to enjoy. 

This talisman is consecrated by Zitmy under the Sun and the Moon and this extraordinary fusion creates on who wears it a shield of protection and the promise of growth and flourishing. 

It comes with a secret offering. Keep the offering in the bag, and tyou can either use the talisman as a pendant or keep it in the bag in youir purse, pocket, or desk. 

Order below and we will e mail you with the details I need to consecrate it. 

Talisman design and size of stones may vary.

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