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White Candle Spell for Protection

White Candle Spell for Protection

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Use this candle for personal protection. I will consecrate this candle for you, to absorb any negative energy that's on you.

This candle will represent you and will create a shield around you to protect your aura from envy, evil eye, negative thoughts and those people called ‘energy vampires” that feed of your energy and weaken or damage your energy field, leaving you vulnerable.

When you order it, you specify either male or female candle. You send me your name, last name, date of birth and a picture or the information and picture of the person that is going to receive it.

I will consecrate it and send it to you , as well as an stone and a  the printed copy of the picture you sent me, as the picture now holds the energy and is part of the spell. .

You should place the picture with the stone on top next to the candle and light every Tuesday for 5 minutes, until the candle is totally consumed. Do not worry if the candle some days burn fast and other days slower. It is all part of the process and no candle will burn the same every time.

Once all the candle is consumed you will throw every piece of wax left in the garbage along with 3 coins, and will keep the picture next to your bed along with the stone. 

Now the stone will represent you, and will be your shield and protector against evil .

*Size and shape of candle and stone may vary.

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