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Wish Jar

Wish Jar

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Put your dreams, your wishes, your hopes, your resolutions, your wishes in this magic jar and let Zitmy feed them, and make them grow.

Each wish jar is consecrated to the deity that opens and closes doors and is made to order, unique as each person and wish is unique, there will not be two identical.

You want to grow your business

You want to buy a house
You want to be famous

You want to be rich

You want to travel

you want to have a baby

Wish for it and let Zitmy feed it and make it happen.

You can choose to receive the consecrated jar along with the candle and crown so you can keep on burning the candle for as long as you desire, or Zitmy can guard it for you in her temple.

If you wish us to ship it to you, there will be an additional $15 shipping charge. We can only ship to USA addresses.

Order below and we will e mail you with the details I need to consecrate it for you.

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